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Style Choices for Modern Home Refurbishment

2nd July 2018

Keeping your home up to date is important if you want to look after your investment. Making the right style choices for a modern home refurbishment is equally important. You may have a renovation project in mind. Perhaps you have been inspired to improve your home before putting it on the market or to better serve your needs. Maybe you just want to give your home a fresh new look.

As well as meeting your expectations, renovations should complement the existing style of your home. A well thought out renovation will add value to your property and make it attractive to potential buyers. Refurbishment can help you create space, add natural light and model your home on trending interior designs.

Home refurbishment plan

If you want to remodel your kitchen, add a bedroom or open up the living space, you have plenty of style choices. A side extension, loft conversion or internal remodelling are among the options. Modern home refurbishment is all about creating space and making the most of what is available. If you know what you want to achieve, now is the time to move your plans forward. If you are not quite sure, consider these options:

Side extension: One or two-storey side extensions can dramatically increase the footprint of your home. You can extend single or multiple parts of your property and create the space you need without moving. This option is ideal if you have a big garden or perhaps want to replace an outdated conservatory or lean-to.

Loft conversion: Perfect if you don’t have a large garden or aren’t sure about using up your outside space, a loft conversion is both modern and practical. The style of your loft conversion can be dictated by where you want your stairs and the shape of your roof. This option is considered cost-effective as well as easy to achieve. You may want to consider a loft conversion if you live in an environmentally sensitive area where planning for a side extension could be problematic. Some loft conversation can offer added value by incorporating a roof terrace or balcony.

Remodelling the interior of your home: If you want to embrace open plan living, this is a good option. Making two or three rooms into one large living area can transform the look and feel of a property. Many modern home refurbishments lean towards open-plan living. You may want to consider bringing the outdoors in with bi-folding doors or by adding a conservatory to make your space look even larger. This option is perfect for bungalows and homes with small gardens or no available loft space.

House renovation advice

Once you know what style you want to achieve, it’s time to get some professional advice. The following experts will help you cement your ideas into a concrete plan:

  • Home design expert: A residential architect will be able to tell you if your plans are achievable. They will take into consideration your budget, the existing style of your home, the space available and local planning regulations. They will also consider your lifestyle and any particular requirements. An architect will then take your concept and turn it into a detailed plan. If there are any aspects of your concept that are unworkable, you will know before you waste money on a planning application or premature work.
  • Building contractor: It pays to shop around when looking for a builder to deliver a refurbishment project. Approach at least three companies for a quote and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out if they have carried out similar renovation work before and seek testimonials. In the case of a loft conversion, you may want to approach specialist companies.
  • Other expert help: If your renovation is a major one, it pays to consider project management. If you haven’t got the time or know-how to oversee the work, call in an expert. Some residential architects offer this service. Professional project management will ensure your renovations are kept on track, guarantee work does not exceed the agreed budget and, importantly, is delivered to the highest standards.

Renovate my home

Sometimes, the reallocation of space in a home can mitigate the need for a move. Perhaps you need to accommodate an elderly relative, make room for growing children or need more entertainment space. Whatever you want to achieve, it can often be done without the upheaval of selling and buying property. Renovation work is especially in vogue in areas with high property prices. That is because refurbishment will add more value.

If you want to renovate your home, talk to professionals who can make it happen. As well as being able to offer you the very best advice, you will get a clear understanding of what is involved and how much the work will cost.

How to refurbish

The footprint of your home and the available outside space generally dictate style choices for modern home refurbishment. However, these steps will tell you how to refurbish your home:

  • Ask yourself what you like and don’t like about your home
  • What is it that you want to add, i.e. more space, a more modern interior look, a better kitchen, separate living space for a relative?
  • Consider the footprint of your home and the size of your garden
  • Can you afford to lose any of your outside space?
  • Choose a style that can be achieved
  • Talk to a residential architect
  • Once plans are drawn up, get quotes for the work
  • Submit a planning application
  • Appoint contractors

We hope you found this guide to refurbishment style choices helpful. If you would like any further advice, contact us on 01273 539124 or email us on

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