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5 Ways to Bring Autumn Colour Into Your Home

22nd September 2021

Believe it or not, summer is officially over. It’s that time of year where if it’s not pumpkin spiced, then we don’t want to know. 

When it comes to interiors, autumn shades are some of the best to work with. Rich shades of cinnamon, gold, eggplant and pumpkin should guide you into the season perfectly. We’ve got together a few simple ways as to how you can transform your home into the perfect reflection of autumn. 

Where in the home do autumn colours work best?

Communal areas are great for fall colours, think cosy living rooms, study areas and conservatories. Autumn is all about making the home feel like a safe haven, away from the British winter. 

5 Ways to Bring Autumn Colour Into Your Home

Weave In Wooden Accents 

If you’re looking to add a hint of colour without the permanence of paint, tactically accessorise with wood. Most types of wood contain beautiful warm tones; weaving in wooden features can bring in some additional warmth.

Welcome Warm Lighting 

We love a metallic feature, particularly when it comes to lighting. Lampshades with a gold interior will provide an attractive glow when lit as well as providing a subtle metallic touch in the daytime. Take care making sure lighting features tie seamlessly into the room to ensure cohesion. 

Bring the Outdoors In 

Introduce nature-inspired designs to create a snug haven. Opt for rich shades of crimson and dark pinks and match them with warm browns for the ultimate touch of luxury within your home. 

Tactile Textiles 

When it’s summer, the less is more approach is often taken when it comes to interiors. However, as soon as we step into Autumn, decor becomes far more eclectic. You want to create a cosy, welcoming space; consider adding soft blankets, fluffy cushions and chunky throws to your interior space. 


When it comes to artwork, you really can do whatever you please as it’s so subjective. Autumnal colours in an interior are all about cosiness and creating a haven to escape the British weather, so the artwork should reflect this. Bring in your chosen colours and ensure you don’t include anything too overwhelming! 

There’s a whole range of ways you can bring autumn into your home, but these are just a few of our personal favourites!