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Health and Safety

Embracing legal and moral obligations

As a company, we have embraced fully the legal and moral obligations for proportionate health and safety management across the various elements of the Woodhart Group of Companies.
Management of health and safety standards across the Woodhart Group starts with our in-house dedicated health and safety management; who are actively involved in all governance aspects throughout the business. Meeting regularly with the Group’s Directors, and Managers, helping to ‘push’ the health and safety ‘message’ through the business, our development programmes aid in the planning and roll-out of health and safety project controls. The success of these project controls is benchmarked at site level, with regular site audits and reports; fed back through the company, to identify any opportunities for improvement.


At Woodhart, we recognise that it is our duty to protect the Health, Safety and wellbeing of all our staff. We aim to empower all staff with the Skills, Knowledge and experience to protect themselves and their colleagues! Our staff are encouraged to report all unsafe acts and that it is never acceptable to take short cuts, complete unplanned tasks or put themselves or others in harm’s way. We believe in working together to achieve our common goal in reducing workplace incidents year after year.

Woodhart group are proud to be a CITB Approved Training Provider, we deliver an extensive range of approved short duration courses to all Woodhart staff in order to support their career progression within the organisation. Our in-house courses are produced and delivered by our in-house Health and Safety advisor who holds the skills, experience and knowledge needed to train the delegates correctly.

At Woodhart, we take our teams’ mental health very seriously, so we took part in the Workplace Mental Health First Aid Training Guide run by St John Ambulance, and now we have three trained responders, Jade Sheffield and James Cunningham. The course enables our team to spot the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, provide non-judgemental support and reassurance for the rest of the team, and also guide a team member to seek professional support elsewhere if needed. If you’re part of the Woodhart team and are reading this and feel like you need support or know someone who does, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our responders:

Jade Sheffield –

James Cunningham-

Project Compliance

Hand-in-glove with the development of the Group of companies, our health and safety management systems keep pace and develop alongside our project and client portfolio, enabling us to build-in and develop proportionate and workable health and safety processes and solutions at the planning stage of works.

The changes brought about through the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015; which now encompass both commercial and domestic projects, has resulted in our systems and procedures being developed, so we can react, plan and tailor our health and safety systems, to match whichever environment we work in.

Ultimately, our developed project controls, along with project management and health and safety governance programmes serve to support our overriding target, which is to bring well managed, proportionate and safe projects to our client base, which is also reflected in our ever-present focus on bringing a quality job which puts us above our competitors.

COVID-19 Statement

Woodhart Group are currently operating following government COVID-19 guidelines. Service may be affected in head office and on construction sites due to health & safety protection for our employees. Please note the office is strictly appointment only at this time. Thank you for your patience.

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