Sustainable Construction - Woodhart - Brighton & Sussex


Built to last

We believe that things should be built to last and that we all have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact, which is why we are committed to including sustainable practices within everything we do.

Our architects maintain an up to date knowledge of sustainability in design and can help you choose more sustainable and eco-friendly options for responsible, future-proofed projects.

As part of the first stage of any project we will always provide an overview of the overall workings, including:

  • Local material, sustainably sourced.
  • Responsible waste segregation
  • Sub-contracting locally
  • Shared transport to reduce fuel emissions
  • Storing materials to reduce waste
  • Energy efficiency calculations
  • Building to Passivhaus standard
  • Green walling & roofs.

Contact us

We would love to speak to you and discuss your project. Contact our team on 01273539124.