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A Guide to Contemporary Interiors

27th October 2021

It’s often thought that contemporary interiors are cold and minimalist, however, today’s modern style, when executed well can be comfortable and welcoming, making the style appropriate for all types of homes. 

By focusing on colour, space and shape, contemporary interiors can help your home look sleek and fresh. Here are some of our top tips… 

A Guide to Contemporary Interiors  

Choose Bold Accent Colours

Neutrals, black and white are often the main colours when it comes to modern home design. Black is frequently used for defining a contemporary space. 

Modern interior colour palettes are often accented with bright, bold and punchy accent colours that play against the neutral tones in the home. If the main body of your home is neutral, you then have a great space to add bold colours to. However, if you’ve gone for a bold accent wall, it’s always best to keep the furniture and additional accessories neutral to avoid the space looking cluttered. 


Less is always more when it comes to modern homes. The space around your furniture is just as important as the furniture itself. Opt for simple, attractive storage units to keep clutter at bay. 

Make Use of Glass 

Glass is a material that emanates exclusivity and prestige, instantly making a space look more modern and contemporary. Additionally, glass will let light through, automatically enhancing your space and making it look bigger. 

Furniture Choices

Furniture should make a statement, whilst being simple and uncluttered. Think smooth, clean, geometric shapes. Accessorise furniture with throws and pillows in a bold contrasting colour. 

Lighting Considerations

Why not consider installing cove or indirect lighting. Spotlighting directed at a wall art will help to draw the eye to the statement pieces in the home. 

The Advantages of Contemporary Home Decor 

  • Contemporary interiors are the perfect style if you’re looking for a stylish yet subtle look. 
  • Contemporary homes are often the easiest to decorate and furnish. Meaning you won’t have to look for long to find the perfect modern decor for your home. 

A contemporary home inspires to simplify spaces, materials and furnishings and helps to play to your homes space.