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Decorating Your Home for the Festive Season

1st December 2021

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. The days are shorter, the weather colder and Michael Buble has made a reappearance on the radio again. Yes, that’s right, Christmas is only a matter of weeks away! 

No matter the size of your space, we’ve got together some ideas as to how you can decorate your home for the festive season, sure to amp up the cosiness and get you into the festive season. 

Throws and Blankets 

Christmas or not, throws and blankets are the perfect winter warmer accessory. Consider colours and textures that will fit in with the rest of your home, but still provide the ultimate cosy experience.  

Incorporate Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are great for not only decorating the exterior of your home but also the interior. Whether wrapped around the tree, up the bannister or draped along the window sill, they’re perfect for adding a little bit of magic into the home, 

Why not take the magic into your garden as well and wrap fairy lights around trees and shrubs. 

Candles, Candles & More Candles

Candles are arguably the best way to set the mood when the festive season rolls back around. There’s something about warming cinnamon and spiced apple scents that just transport us into a festive haven, not to mention they’re great for making your space look and feel cosier.

Decorate the door with a festive wreath 

You can’t go wrong with a classic Christmas wreath! Placed on the front of your door, these are a fab way of displaying your festivity as well as adding a stylish touch to your door, not to mention it will also make your door stand out from the rest! 

How will you be decorating your home for the festive season?