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How to Ensure a Contractor Meets Your House Design Expectations

21st May 2018

If you are planning to remodel your home, have you considered using the services of a residential architect? Contractor design expectations will be met, if you make the right choices early on. Home design is a specialism and, without professional support from a competent architect, your plans could fail. As well as failing to meet your expectations, they could also fail to impress planners – meaning your plans won’t even get off the ground.

If you want to bring your vision for your home to fruition, its pays to know about house design choices and the benefits of hiring a residential architect. In this article, we will explain what is involved in home plan design. Getting your vision on paper and then built to your exact specifications will be easier if you know the facts. This information will tell you how to ensure a contractor delivers a project on time and to your complete satisfaction.

Home design that works

You may be reading this because you are planning to extend your home or enhance it with a loft conversion or conservatory. Whether you want to update your kitchen or bathroom, add a bedroom or just want more living space, a residential architect can play a pivotal role in making your dream home a reality.

All major home remodelling projects benefit from the expertise of an architect. Not just because an architect has the technical knowledge to draw up detailed, scaled plans. He or she will also make the most of your space. Before you start, it pays to know that you will have to balance your requirements with what planners will actually allow. On top of that, you will have to consider your budget and ensure that you can create your dream home without breaking the bank.

If you can achieve your home design requirements in the space you have, and planning regulations are unlikely to be a problem, how will you keep building work on track?

House plan design: project management

Homeowners who achieve house designs that meet all their expectations often have a secret weapon – a residential architect who offers project management. This one-stop shop service has many benefits. As well as understanding your design needs, a residential architect will ensure work is kept on budget and completed on time. He or she will also ensure work is finished to the right specifications and is of a high quality.

There is nothing worse than investing in your home only to find you have been let down by a contractor. Horror stories about rogue builders equate to literally hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. That’s money down the drain if you are left with nothing or shoddy workmanship that will have to be put right.

Pitfalls of home design

Are you considering spending money with a design-build company? You may have been told that they employ designers, but are they qualified architects? Very few design-build companies have professional residential architects on their staff. Finding an independent residential architect makes sense, if you want to ensure nothing is overlooked and the right materials are used for your project.

Buying a major home improvement from a design-build company may not meet your personal requirements. For example, they may offer a service that has limited house design options or doesn’t use the materials you require. If you engage a residential architect, he or she will take into consideration your needs, your lifestyle and how it impacts your home, as well as other important issues such as privacy and any future work. Not only that, they will ensure the aesthetics of your home improvement are balanced with safety and other requirements.

Cost-saving benefits of a residential architect

By engaging a residential architect, you can stay in control of your house design. You can achieve a home improvement that ticks all the boxes. Not only that, you can move from design to build with greater confidence. Knowing that every aspect of the build is being overseen by a professional who knows your design inside out offers peace of mind.

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