Further progress at Woodhart as summer approaches - Woodhart Construction

Further progress at Woodhart as summer approaches

31st May 2023

Further progress at Woodhart as summer approaches

Continuing on from a successful March and April, the Woodhart team is enjoying continued progress in March, seen across a wide range of construction and carpentry projects. Below are some of our highlights, including new build developments, private projects and renovations.

A trip to Wembley for the directors!

Despite the result, the team had an amazing day out supporting our beloved Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. Here’s hoping for another trip to Wembley next season!

Woodhart Group hits 2k followers on Instagram!

We’re super excited to have reached 2,000 followers on Instagram. If you don’t follow us, you can head over to Instagram and follow @woodhartgroup.

Downs Valley, Woodingdean

Woodhart Group is delighted to show off these four new build family homes in Downs Valley, Woodingdean. Sure to turn heads with its quirky design, each property has three bedrooms and a master suite.

The natural light that floods in through the skylight above the stairwells is just perfect and creates a warm and welcoming environment for prospective new owners and their guests.

Click here to find out more about this stunning project and to view more images.

Woodhart Group celebrates the Coronation

Woodhart Group was proud to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

Long live the King!

Progress in Basingstoke

Phase A3 at Bovis Homes in Basingstoke is looking good!

Staircase rebar

Check out this completed staircase rebar the team sent us last week!

Ovingdean site well underway

Progress continues over at Longhill Road, Ovingdean!

Berkeley Homes coming to a close

Ph2.4 & 2.5 at Berkeley Homes, Cranleigh, coming to a close over the next few weeks. Ph3.1 is now well underway.

Check out this lovely shot taken there by the team!

Update on the sawtooth staircase

The Sawtooth staircase at 59 Hillbrow is now built. It will be wrapped in solid oak when it’s finished.

Signage starting to go up

Woodhart Group branding starting to appear at our Gardener Road site!

Withdean progress

The houses at Withdean are slowly being revealed…

Demolition ongoing

Another site flying the flag, this time on Gardener Road. Demolition at this location is currently ongoing.


Show homes completed at Liberty Place

Things are taking shape at Liberty Place, Hailsham. We have completed the show homes and next up we have the joists and trusses!

Waterproofing in place

Waterproofing is in place at 59 Hillbrow, with MF ceiling and Gypline walls. Plasterboarded with FireLine to ceilings, plastered in downlights and skimmed.

All in a week’s work!

Check out these snaps of the progress at one of our sites, in only a week!