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How to Find a Good Builder in Sussex

16th February 2018

Finding recommended local builders and reliable tradesmen can be difficult. If you are new to the South East or haven’t previously invested in your home, this article will help. With top tips on how to find a good builder in Sussex, your home improvement project will get off to a great start.

Whether you are planning a new extension, loft conversion or simply want to reorganise your space, follow the tips below. They will help you to source a building contractor that is just right for your development plans.

Word of mouth

Nothing will beat word of mouth, if you are looking for recommended local builders. Your neighbours, friends and family – people you trust – may be able to point you in the right direction. If they have had good experiences with companies in Brighton, for example, you could follow their lead. The most trusted local builders can rely on word of mouth, because their satisfied customers do all the promoting for them.

Before acting on a word of mouth recommendation, find out what work the builder undertook for the person who is suggesting them. Was the project comparable to the one you are proposing? Was it completed on time? Be nosy. Ask to view the completed project and check the finish.

If you are impressed, you have found your builder.

Trade directories

A local builders’ directory is a great source of leads, if you are starting your search from scratch. Online directories often show ratings and reviews, which will help you. Study the directory and make a shortlist of the top five entries of trustworthy builders. Next, visit their websites and check that they carry out the work you are planning to have done.

Homeowners can save themselves time by finding out what work each builder undertakes. Once you have identified three property companies that offer the building services you require, ask them for quotes. This is a great way to test a builder’s level of customer service before you commit. You will also know how much your project is going to cost.

Find builders on Google, Yahoo and Bing

If the previous two suggestions don’t work for you, try searching for a local builder online. Google, Yahoo and Bing will have plenty of suggestions. Try to avoid going with the first construction company you come across. The first page of results will be filled with some of the largest and most popular builders, so look beyond the very first result. Scroll down the list and look for local builders in Sussex.

Check out their websites and any customer testimonials. Give them a call and discuss your project with them. Never agree to anything until you are completely satisfied you have found a reliable tradesman.

The best builder for you

Finding a reliable, trustworthy tradesman is the key ingredient for any project’s success. Adding an extension to your home, utilising space in the loft and creating more space, will add value to your property. Making the right investment, at the right time will pay dividends.

Follow this advice and you won’t go far wrong. But if you do want to know more give us a call on 01273 539124 or email us on

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