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Kate’s boots are made for walking:

14th February 2017

Kate to take a walking challenge in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society

Kate Hill, who has been with the Woodhart Group since 2015, has faced some pretty big challenges in her time but a 110 mile walk across the South Downs Way? We take our hardhats off to you Kate!

When Kate’s mother, Jenny Godfrey, died from Alzheimer’s in 2013 Kate and her family wanted to do something to remember her by and help others like her. So they got together and decided to put together a challenging walk to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

“My mother loved walking so a South Downs challenge seemed like a fitting tribute to her,” said Kate.

“My sister, brother and I set about creating a 110 mile route along the South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne that will take us six days to complete. We’ve put in hours of training but I’m still not sure how my legs will cope when it comes down to it!”

The challenge has taken a lot of planning from putting a suitable route together and accounting for the type of terrain they will encounter, to ensuring they will reach their accommodation each night in good time.

Training for the challenge has been really important too. It started slightly abruptly though a few weeks ago when Kate’s sister called her out of the blue. She’d had the opportunity to take part in a fundraising event for St Catherine’s Hospice. It was a 13-mile Midnight Walk and did Kate want to join her? Kate was keen to take part but a little alarmed when told it would take place the following week.

Kate gamely thought ah well, in for a penny in for a pound, let’s do this!

Kate’s uncle had received care in a similar hospice so she knew how important the cause was. It was also an ideal opportunity to get her training off to a flying start for the South Downs challenge.

After agreeing to take part her sister then dropped into the equation that there was a theme to the Midnight Walk – a beach party. You can see for yourself in the picture that Kate (wearing shades) was a beach belle in her outfit.

“We started the walk at 10.30pm and we finished at 3am the following morning. It took place around the roads of Horsham. Supporting us were 150 amazing volunteers, who were positioned at strategic places along the route offering help, encouragement, drinks and snacks along the way.”

“As the sky grew lighter we reached our destination and were served the best cup of coffee (in the world!) and a delicious breakfast as our prize The real prize, though, was being part of the camaraderie of the many other women who we shared the experience with.”

Kate has been distance walking regularly ever since to progress her training for the forthcoming fundraiser. It has taken time and effort and most of her weekends to make sure her boots really are made for walking such a long way. The team have gradually increased the length and frequency of their walks over the weeks. They have also had to get used to carrying their provisions with them by starting with small bags on their backs and working up to carrying all the supplies they will need.

As you can see it has been no small undertaking so we hope you’ll join us in celebrating such dedication and supporting this incredibly worthwhile cause, Kate’s feet and all those who are affected by Alzheimer’s will really appreciate it:


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