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Latest In Tech - Nudura ICF

23rd November 2021

As consumers seek more sustainable and energy-efficient homes, it’s important to us that we keep up with emerging tech developments that meet these demands. 

Over the past few months, we’ve been using the Nudura ICF building system. This system allows us the versatility to design residential structures exactly the way it was envisioned and without any compromises. 

Nudura building solutions are high-tech industry-leading ICF forms that have proven technologies to make building easier and faster, allowing us, the Woodhart team to build and design structures with greater efficiency. 

Nudura Building System

Why the Nudura building system?

Lower Costs 

Nudura ICF’s are quicker and easier to install, not to mention they take up less space on the job site! 

Building Code Ready 

The building systems will allow you to meet or exceed energy codes with advanced energy-efficient insulation that creates comfortable temperatures for occupants. 

Maximize Time

ICF’s will allow you to build all year round no matter the weather conditions. Meaning that even in the harsh British winter, projects can be completed on time. 


Nudura is a responsible choice when it comes to building an eco-friendly complex. They’re energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable. 

Disaster Resilience 

ICF’s are able to withstand winds equivalent to an F4 tornado and provide fire protection for up to 4 hours!

Nudura Building System

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