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Top Tips for Renovating Houses

15th January 2018

Thinking of renovating houses in the South East for profit? Maybe, you are considering renovating your existing house. Finding a tired or rundown property in Brighton or the surrounding area and bringing it back to life can be a very rewarding journey. It can also be fraught with pitfalls. Before you renovate houses, read our top tips.

It is important to remember that most renovation projects will require skills you don’t have – even if you consider yourself a good DIY-er and are up for a challenge. That is why we recommend you walk yourself through the following processes. It could save you thousands of pounds in wasted time and botched jobs.

Finding the right renovation project

While most older and some modern properties will have potential for renovation, you need to fully gauge the likely cost implications and weigh them up against house market fluctuations. How much – or little – renovation work is required to turn a quick profit, or transform a hovel into your dream home? If you are starting from scratch, try to find a neglected property in a good area.

If the house you want to renovate is your own, you probably won’t mind splashing the cash a bit more freely – to include all the finishing touches that will give your home the wow factor. You may want to consider re-modelling the house and adding an extension or loft conversion at the same time.

Renovating houses bought at auction

It is never a good idea to buy a property you haven’t seen. And, if you decide to buy at auction, always have a maximum bid in mind and don’t exceed it. It is better to lose out than to get carried away during the bidding process and end up buying something you can’t afford to renovate. Consider how much you will need to bring a property up to scratch. Make sure you have at least this amount and a contingency fund to cover any unforeseen problems.

What may seem like a bargain can end up feeling like a millstone around your neck. If you are not sure about a property and have the opportunity to view it before an auction, take along an expert. Talk to an architect, local building contractor or surveyor in advance of the auction.

Think about the essentials

Before you get carried away with kitchen and bathroom designs, think about the obvious. Does the space in the house work for you? Is it too small? Does it look dark and dingy? You may want to consider opening up the ground floor or adding an extension or loft conversion. Will the property need a new boiler, electrics, central heating or windows?

Once you know the property you have bought is structurally sound, you can work around that to bring an old property bang up to date. And in the South East, you could stand to make a tidy profit.

Call in the professionals

If you plan to remodel a house, build an extension or add a loft conversion, involve professionals from the beginning. Obtain any necessary planning permissions and think about the skills required to complete the job. Will you need an electrician, plumber, builder, plasterer or window fitter?

By liaising with the right people from the start of a project, renovating houses can be financially and personally very rewarding. The end result may be so good you will never want to sell a house. If you want to discuss a house renovation project, get in touch with us on 01273 539124 or email us.

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